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The Rise Of Consumer Electronics In Schools

School used to be blackboards and chalk, note taking from a projector, listening to lectures and getting handouts. We would do homework and take tests on paper, and hand them in the next day. With the rise of consumer electronics, however, schools are changing the way they teach and it’s a benefit to both the students and the teachers.

IPads In Schools

Usually people think IPads are used for fun and games, but they are also used for more serious purposes. Recently many schools have begun implementing technology Auto Forward free  programs so their students can use iPads. The schools will supply the iPads to the student throughout the school year, with the student and their parent having to sign a technology agreement and provide an insurance payment, usually only about $40, in case the iPad gets lost or stolen. Usually the iPad is assigned to the same student throughout their years at the school; it just does not go home with them over summer break, or in some cases it may not go home with them at all.

Individualized Learning

IPads can help create individualized learning plans for students. It’s well-known that all students do not learn at the same level. With iPads and other technology, students can work on their own, more at their own pace.  It can also allow the teachers to monitor their work, and takes away from all of the papers being handed out. Kids don’t have to worry about losing their homework when it’s all on the iPad, and they can submit it electronically as soon as they are done.

Many Books Available

There are apps available that allow students to check out many books on their iPads, giving them the opportunity to read more at home. It also allows more flexibility in learning as their textbooks are all electronic versions on their iPads. So they will never have the excuse of forgetting their homework, or forgetting their textbooks. This also means that they won’t have to deal with carrying 5 heavy textbooks to and from school each day; all they need to carry is their iPad. This saves space and also saves them back and neck pain! It makes it easier to do homework in many places as well.

Televisions In Schools

Years ago there were closed circuit televisions available in the schools in order to watch educational videos. Now, with the advancement of technology the televisions are bigger, can stream more and more things and can be connected right to the internet. Televisions are not just used to watch movies or tv shows – now they can be used as large computer monitors and media devices in order to share learning objectives with the students.

Smart Boards

Goodbye chalk and dusty blackboards – hello smart boards! These are whiteboards that are touch sensitive and can be hooked up to an iPad or a computer, so the teacher can immediately stream what he or she is doing on the iPad directly to the class. It can be used as a giant touch screen projector. This is a huge help to students and replaces the old projector with a multi-use tool that is both space saving and functional.

New Technology Can Help Students Learn In Different Ways

It’s not all about computers in school anymore. Now with all of the new and varied technology, teachers have many different mediums to use to teach their students, and students have a lot of different resources to help them learn easier. The rise of consumer electronics in our society can really affect our schools and can be a great tool to help them.