Memory Increase in a MacBook Pro

The community that surrounds one of Apple products, at least prior to the recent iPhone and iPad crazes, has been a community of loyalty. Any Apple store is filled with knowledgeable technicians who stand firmly behind Apple’s products and are able to walk any customer through the in’s and out’s of the latest technology. Something that Apple users generally stand by is the longevity of their products. Windows technology is notorious for having a 4-year lifespan, that is, unless users are building their own machines from lots of high performance parts.

The Life of a MacBook Pro


MacBook Pros for the most part, would seem as if they are built to last. Apple continually releases updates that improve the capabilities. While the general trend with iPhone technology is of Apple’s iOs updates relying primarily on new hardware in the devices, MacBook Pros are different. This could be because of the cost of a new MacBook. For $1000+ and sometimes reaching well above $2000 , MacBook users most likely would not be happy if their computers did not hold up past a few years. Unfortunately, computers have a tendency to slow down no matter how advanced they are when released.  There are, however, ways to help boost the speed of your MacBook Pro that are not very difficult or costly at all.


In the computer world, there are a few different aspects that determine how powerful a machine will be. One of these components is called RAM, or Random Access Memory. RAM is what is called a “volatile” type of memory on the computer. This means that it only takes care of short-term processes and looses its contents whenever the computer shuts down, or loses power of any kind. As a document is being typed, for example, it is stored in RAM. If that same document is never saved and the computer loses power, it will be lost and unable to be recovered. Another example is when a web page is pulled up. The Internet browser used to display the webpage is stored on the hard drive (hard drive can be referred to as ‘storage’ and RAM is referred to as ‘memory’). Once the browser is pulled up, the computer places it on RAM, allowing it to interact with the processor at higher speeds.

Why RAM is important

Without RAM, the programs that run in real time on the computer screen would be unable to function. If the computer had to pull all its information from a secondary storage space like a hard drive, pulling up webpages or typing a document would take forever. Higher RAM speed, or ‘more memory’, allows a computer to handle more tasks simultaneously, making it functionmuch more speedily.Most MacBooks come with the option for different amounts of memory. It is just one of the types of customization that Apple allows users to make when purchasing a computer.

Adding Additional RAM

Whenever the moment comes that a MacBook user begins to notice their Mac running a little slower than usual, a few options are available. Of course, the user can identify how much hard drive space they have available, and clean up their files to free up some additional space, but there is another alternative; upgrading the RAM.

RAM comes in the form of simple memory chips that are inserted into the memory slots of the computer. Memory chips can be purchased at any computer store or, more conveniently, on amazon. Users should be sure to check the compatibility with their computer. Once doing that, there are countless tutorials on the web about how to install memory chips.

Once the memory has been installed, programs should run much quicker and speedier. This is a simple upgrade that can keep your MacBook Pro going strong for, even still, year after year.

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